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Are Backyard Water Features Worth It?

The backyard is your oyster, though the truth is that most people don’t know what to add to their backyard space. The art of landscape design is much harder than designing a house within a video game. Real decoration has a budget, and it’s much harder to move and place an outdoor water feature in real life than it is to simply click and drag. While everyone loves the ambiance a water feature can create, you might be wondering, are backyard water features worth it? Or, are water features just there to take up resources and space? Keep reading to learn more.

Are Backyard Water Features Worth It?

Here’s what you should know about backyard water features and whether or not they’re worth the fuss.

What Are Backyard Water Features?

Backyard water features are simple fountains, sometimes containing plants or fish (koi ponds). There are thousands of potential options available, and you don’t always just have the large heavy concrete fountain that you might be picturing. The best part about adding a water feature to your backyard is that there are hundreds of different designs to choose from to fit your outdoor space.

Water features aren’t meant to simply take up space. Not to mention, most water features only rely on small pumps which barely make a dent in your energy bill. Some water features, however, can be heavy – and if you opt for a large water fountain, you should understand that it’s going to be a permanent fixture.

What’s the difference between a front-yard water feature and a backyard water feature?

Almost nothing, except the type of attention you might want to draw. Water features in the front of the yard can look great, however, they can also be an eyesore if the design does not flow with the rest of your home.

Backyard water features are meant to draw the eye. However, they’re also a good way to bring in the relaxation and tranquility of running water.

The Benefits of Backyard Water Features

Water features are never a waste… quite literally. The water that is used in the water feature is the same, circulating water – and when properly treated, you won’t have to add more water.

Most people install small backyard water features for their aesthetic attraction. It’s nice to have a focal point in your yard/garden, especially when you spend a lot of time outdoors.

That’s not all a water feature is good for, however.

Garden Ecology

The introduction of a water feature to your backyard can actually help to make your garden’s ecology function better. Water features can attract a variety of wildlife to a garden, such as birds, butterflies, and dragonflies.

Running Water vs Stagnant Water

Running water isn’t the same as a puddle of stagnant water that you might find on the lawn. Bugs and other mammals are more likely to be present (and pass around your garden) with the addition of a backyard water feature.


There’s one more reason why water features are wonderful for the garden: the relaxing effect. Some people like zen gardens, but then again zen gardens don’t make much ambient noise unless you’re actively raking around in them.

A water feature can make your garden seem more alive, both to you and the critters who share it with you!

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