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Landscaping involves a range of beautiful plants and grasses. However, it also involves using rocks to create beautiful designs. Landscaping rock(s) can add unique shapes and elements to any landscape. However, using the right types of rock in the correct layout can be difficult. That is why all landscapes should undergo strategic planning for the best possible look. Rocks do not require any maintenance like plants do, making them an effective option for low-maintenance areas while still having an eye-catching look.

Guide to Landscaping Rock Types

Choosing Rock Sizes and Their Colors

Most homeowners don’t realize there is an overwhelming number of different types of rock colors and sizes available. You can use rocks in your landscape for ground cover, displays, or even structures such as retaining walls or fire pits. Therefore, first, you will need to decide how you want to make use of rocks in your landscape.

If you are using rocks as a ground cover, you will want to use smaller rocks or pebbles that are easy to walk on. Depending on the style of the landscape, you can use reds, greys, or whites to make the rocks stand out. If you are using rocks for a structural wall, you will want to use bigger, solid rocks. For decorative pieces, you can use large boulders in colors that blend in and suit the landscape style.

Fire Pits

If you are looking to incorporate a fire pit into your backyard landscaping, rocks make for a beautiful option to build and design it. You will want to use bigger rocks that can be built up and can take the heat that is produced by the fire. We suggest using darker color rocks as the fire can leave burn marks on rocks that are lighter in color. If you are using light colors, for example, white, the black marks from the fire will stand out and affect the look of your fire pit in a negative way.

Rock Water Features for Pools

Rock water features are modern and a great way for landscapers to add some flair to a backyard pool. Water features are built using a combination of smaller and larger rocks to create the desired shape and size. Rocks are great for designing water features as they offer complete customization with a wide range of colors available. The water feature design is all up to you and how you want to incorporate the rocks with your pool style.

Rocks for Ponds

Similar to the rocks for pools, landscapers make use of rocks that are indigenous to the area for ponds. With ponds, it is best if you use small to medium rocks. Natural-looking rocks will help create the feeling as if the pond were out in nature. You may decide to incorporate fish into the pond, so use browner and slightly darker rocks to help create the feeling of a natural pond.

Where to Find the Best Landscaping Rocks

To find what you are looking for you can search online for rock suppliers near you or contact a landscaping professional in your area. A landscaping company will have connections to help you find the rocks you are looking for. Before starting your landscaping project, it is important that you gather images and any other information about the landscaping rock you are looking for. Because there are many different sizes, shapes, types, and colors of rocks, it is beneficial to hire a landscaping design company for your next landscaping project.

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