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Hardscape Options for Omaha Yards

Homeowners in Omaha are always looking for ways to enhance the look, feel, and use of their beautiful yards by achieving the perfect balance of landscaping, softscaping, and hardscaping. These three elements not only make your yard look more attractive but can also add value and functionality to your home and yard. Before we can appreciate the different hardscape options in Omaha, NE for homeowners, we need to understand what it is.

Hardscape Options for Yards in Omaha, NE

What is Hardscaping?

Hardscaping includes decorations or structures in a landscape. In other words, hardscaping is all the non-living elements in the landscape. Hardscaping is an important part of any landscape design as it injects organization into the natural area and its features.

Common Hardscapes in Omaha

Stone Walkways

Including a stone walkway through your yard and around your home is a simple and effective hardscaping option. Stone pathways can make the yard more visibly attractive with colorful vegetation around it. Not only does a stone walkway increase attractiveness, but it also creates functionality as well. Stone walkways help create a space that people can walk on to admire the yard without having to walk on the grass.

Covered Outdoor Areas

If you are able to, it is worth the investment to create and cover an outside area with a roof that has open spaces. The open spaces help enable viewing of the spectacular yard. Covered areas that people include in their landscape designs include patios, pergolas, and tranquil tea gardens. Covered outdoor spaces provide an area for individuals to spend time outside while also having protection from weather elements on rainy or hot, sunny days.

Outdoor Dining Sets

Many homeowners will include a dining set or table in their backyard so they can enjoy a pleasant outdoor dining experience. Outdoor tables are made to withstand weather elements, so they are easy to maintain and clean. Some yards are great for smaller covered spaces with a smaller seating area. You can include a smaller table in this outdoor space that is great for gathering around. No matter how big or small the covered area is, you can still create an enjoyable and comfortable space to spend time with friends and family outdoors.

Bonfires/Fire Pits

A great hardscape option to include in your landscape is a bonfire with an area to sit around it. While you can use a bonfire at any time of the day, when the temperature drops at night, a bonfire is an amazing way to keep everyone comfortable and warm.

Combination of All

There are so many hardscaping options to choose from. Take time to plan how you want your landscape to look. Also, consider how you want to use your outdoor area before starting any projects.

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