How Do I Landscape My Backyard for Entertaining?

Entertaining inside at the dining room table or in the lounge is great, but an outdoor entertaining area is even better. There are many different backyard designs you can include in your landscape that will allow for different types and styles of backyard entertainment. An outdoor living room and outdoor kitchen space will give you the ability to perhaps invite more guests over for backyard fun. A backyard home improvement project can help you create an entertainment space that suits your lifestyle, looks great, and is an awesome space for entertaining your friends and family.

How Do I Landscape My Backyard for Entertaining?

Space Is Important

When designing a backyard landscape, we often think of how many plants we should be including. However, the first step in landscape design should be to try and open up as much space as possible. There will still be plenty of opportunities to include plants and trees in the design. However, we advise that you keep the vegetation to the boundaries of the landscape. Having as much space as possible will allow you to include unique outdoor furniture layouts and other elements such as a swimming pool, hot tub, dining area, water feature, shade structure, or a fire pit.

Some people include larger open spaces to have fun and play games with friends and family. Whether it is for the kids to kick a soccer ball around, or for the whole family to play a game of corn-hole, open space is always best.

Have a Seating Area

When you have guests over, you will not expect them to be standing up the whole time, especially if you are going to be serving food. Therefore, having a seating area is important for everyone to be able to spend time together, eat and socialize. Most backyard landscape designs will have a covered, or uncovered deck or patio space with a table and chairs.

The nice thing about building a deck is that you can actually place it wherever you may desire. You can build a deck against your home, or even perhaps further out, depending on the layout and size of your backyard.

There are many outdoor seating options and styles that are easy to clean and move if need be. These options are best as you won’t have to worry about furniture being damaged due to weather conditions. You can even include a roof over the outdoor seating area if you desire an area that you can also use during the colder months. The structure does not have to be a heavy roof structure attached to the house. Instead, you can have a simple roof structure built wherever your landscape allows.

A Bonfire Area

A bonfire is a great way to entertain guests and spend time with family in a more intimate setting. Fire pits are especially great during the colder seasons as they allow you to entertain outside, and still keep everyone warm. This backyard entertainment idea is also not as expensive as one might think. There are easy and cheap ways to either DIY the project or have a hardscaping company build a bonfire area/pit. Bonfire areas are easy to clean and maintain, and all you need for comfortable seating are some waterproof pillows to sit on.

Plants And Care

If you are wanting to entertain outside, you should always keep the landscaping in good condition. Simply keep a routine maintenance plan that keeps your backyard looking lush and green. Doing so will be pleasant for both yourself and those around you. Keeping your plants watered and the grass mowed can go a long way towards achieving a backyard entertaining space your friends and family will love to spend time in.

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