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The “A-Team” at Antler Country Landscaping is ready to help you prepare your yard and landscaping for the winter. It is important to do this before the first frost. Here are seven tips the “A-Team” will perform to prepare your yard and landscaping for the winter. Antler Country Landscaping can help you winterize your lawn by applying winterizer fertilizer before freezing temperatures arrive.

How to Winterize Your Yard in The Fall


You should continue to water your plants throughout the fall as your trees and shrubs require the equivalent to one inch of rain per week in order to gather the moisture they need to survive the winter.


Use anti-desiccant on your pines and broadleaf evergreens, hollies, and rhododendrons. Anti-desiccants apply a waxy coating to the leaves and needles of your trees and shrubs to reduce the amount of moisture lost during the cold dry winter.

Deep-Root Fertilization

Applying high-nitrogen fertilizers and potassium during the fall increases uptake and storage of key nutrients before the root systems go dormant for the season.


Place a solid layer of mulch around the base of trees and shrubs helps to insulate their root system and prevent moisture loss.

Snow Removal Damage Control

Clearly mark the edges of all paths and driveways to ensure you are not plowing or shoveling your lawn.

Snow Mold Prevention

Snow mold develops most often under areas covered for prolonged periods of time. To avoid this don’t pile snow in the same area after shoveling or plowing.

Lawn Friendly Ice Melting

Use an ice-melting alternative to salts such as magnesium or calcium to protect your plants and lawn.

Contact the “A Team” today to schedule your fall maintenance to ensure your landscaping and lawn are ready for the winter!

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