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Landscaping Issues we come across & Answers!


Please note that I normally would not promote a unsolicited referral of another company on our website.  HOWEVER…. there are several situations we come across on a weekly and monthly basis that need to be addressed by a PROFESSIONAL COMPANY.

Ants, Termites, Spiders, Bees, and other insects that we can’t, won’t, and shouldn’t take care of.  These are a problem for us as a landscaping company, because the ants can undermine our work, the termites are an insect with long-lasting effects for both landscaping and the home in general, and spiders can affect plants (and our workers!).

My recommendation is to call a professional exterminator.   A company that I highly recommend and would personally refer you to is Quality Pest Control.  Carl is your contact person, and the owner of the company.  He is professional, courteous, timely, and will take care of all your PEST control issues.

E-Mail information is:     or his phone number is (402) 738-9164.  I am comfortable providing our clients with his company information, because of the service his company can provide for your pest control issues!

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