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Landscaping Water Feature Guide

Including water elements in your garden is one way to create a unique and beautiful landscape design. Not only are water features eye-catching, but they also provide calming sounds from water flowing or splashing. Adding a water feature is not as easy as placing it wherever you want. In fact, you must consider certain factors before placing a water fountain or water wall. When choosing a design, gather ideas online and from those around you.

Landscaping Water Feature Guide


Depending on the type of water feature you want in your outdoor space, you may need to provide power. However, you cannot just use an ordinary extension cable. Therefore, if you do not have power in the desired area, you will need a power source to be installed. If you do not want a water feature with power, you might consider adding a birdbath as a focal point. Whether it is a basic or power-supplied feature, you should always try and keep it visible from all angles. This will bring the attention that they so well deserve.

Water Feature Options

There are many unique and wonderful ways to create water features that you want. If you want a basic water feature, you can use unique pots to fill with water and put the relevant vegetation in it to add character. Some gardeners even use old baths and turn them into water features by using the correct placement and decorations. A professional landscaping team can help you create your own water feature from scratch!

Making It More Natural

A modern water feature practice is to make it look as natural as possible. Some people will even create streams through parts of their landscape or an extreme slope to give water features a waterfall effect. You can also make a backyard water feature look more natural by digging into the ground and creating ponds with vegetation and perhaps including fish.

Water Features That Stand Out

If you are looking to include a water feature that is less natural, yet elegant, there are some awesome ways to do so. You can convert retaining walls into water features, giving the beautiful sounds of water trickling while detracting from the fact that it is a wall.

If you are looking to go big, some outdoor water designs include a large pond with steps going through it for an extremely modern or natural-looking path. To add more flair, consider adding led lights to the steps. This will come with some knowledge and determination to look after the large water area. However, when proper care is taken, it can add aesthetic value to any home.

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