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Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls Omaha, NE

When designed and installed properly, retaining wall structures protect your home and lawn from flooding, erosion, and run-offs. Antler Country Landscaping’s Omaha retaining wall contractors install two types of retaining walls – concrete retaining wall blocks as well as stone retaining walls to increase the usable space of your landscape.

Types of Retaining Walls We Install

block retaining wall

Retaining Wall Blocks

The use of concrete blocks is a traditional approach to retaining wall projects. Using concrete block retaining wall systems helps with soil reinforcement and gives the landscaping design a defined, manicured look. Depending on the height of the wall, retaining wall blocks are the most popular and best type of retaining wall structures for your home or business.

Natural Stone Walls

Using natural stone boulders to build a retaining wall provides a functional and beautiful landscape feature that stands as an accent on its own. Each wall is unique in its own way and gives the landscape a feeling of natural tranquility.

stone retaining wall omaha

Uses on Your Property

Seat-Sitting Retaining Walls

seat-sitting retaining wall

A seat sitting retaining wall is a multifunctional structure commonly used in landscaping and outdoor design, serving as both a retaining wall and a seating area. Seat sitting retaining walls offer a combination of practicality and visual appeal in outdoor environments.

Garden Retaining Walls

stone retaining wall

A garden retaining wall is a structural element used in garden and outdoor landscape design to prevent soil erosion, create terraced levels, and provide structural support. These walls help keep soil in place, allowing for the cultivation of plants and flowers at different elevations in a garden. 

Structural Retaining Walls

How Do You Know You Need A Retaining Wall?

A structural retaining wall is a specialized wall designed for the primary purpose of providing essential support in scenarios where soil needs to be retained, erosion prevented, or changes in elevation managed. While primarily utilitarian, some structural retaining walls are aesthetically enhanced to complement their surroundings.

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