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Omaha Lawn Care Services

Antler Country Landscaping provides a variety of commercial and residential landscaping services in Omaha, Nebraska and surrounding areas. We work with clients one-on-one to produce a landscaping plan that fits their budget. We take pride in offering a wide variety of local products to increase the curb appeal of their home or business. 

Property Maintenance

Antler Country Landscaping provides monthly Omaha lawn maintenance programs to metro area homes and businesses. Our lawn services encompass all of your landscaping needs. Antler Country Landscaping services include watering, pest control, and lawn feeding, as well as seasonal mulching and pruning. 

We also provide maintenance for water fountains and other hardscape features. While providing the monthly service, our experts will also be on the lookout for any potential problems, such as disease or damage, ensuring continued carefree enjoyment of the landscape for homeowners and business owners.


Antler Country Landscaping can transform your outdoor living space into the paradise you’ve always wanted. Adding hardscape elements to the landscape can reduce erosion, add more planting space, and give an overall sense of structure. We offer hardscape services such as retaining walls, patios and even fire pits, and we have a number of different materials available for homeowners to choose from. By incorporating hardscape garden features in your landscape design, we can help improve the overall appearance of any style of home or business. Antler Country Landscaping tries to use stone, brick, and aesthetic supplies from local suppliers.  Let us help with your hardscape dreams!

3D Landscape Design

Antler Country Landscaping can design any style of landscape for both home and business. Enhance the curb appeal of your home through the use of trees and flowering perennials, or welcome visitors to your business with rows of shrubs and brightly colored flowers! We specialize in one-on-one design sessions with our clients to put together a landscaping plan that is right for your property. Our company prides itself in working with clients in a private, one-on-one business philosophy.  The relationships we have with our customers are our greatest asset!

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