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With the constant changes in the Nebraska weather, how do you know your plants are getting enough water or too much?  One can never predict the weather even with the latest weather report, a 10% chance of rain can turn into a 100% chance within a matter of minutes and an 80% chance of rain can turn into blue skies to make for a beautiful day.

Water Stress- Determining When to Water

Water stress to plants is any moisture-related problem that plants have including too much water or too little.  Plant water stress can even include the type of water your plants are getting.  If the water your plants are getting contains too many dissolved salts or grey water that contains pollutants.

Determining when your plants need water is easy to recognize…when their leaves start to wilt, but you don’t want to wait until it gets to this.  In most cases, your plant is already suffering from stress.  However, have you ever noticed that your plants are wilted over the noon hour or the hottest part of the day then come back to life in the early evening to morning?  This is how some plants cope with the heat during the day in order to survive.

When it comes to watering your landscaping it can be more difficult to determine when it your trees and shrubs need water.  As a plant changes its growth patterns over the past few years, continuous die-back of twigs and stems, yellowing of foliage especially on one side, unusual or early leaf and twig color, abnormal areas of damaged or loose bark, and unhealthy roots-brown, dry-looking roots can help you detect signs of water stress.

When to water your trees, shrubs, and plants is always a tough question.  The best solution is to avoid watering during mid-day and to stick to watering in the morning.  Watering your plants, trees, and shrubs in the morning will give the water time to settle into the soil.  However, you can also water your plants at night.  This will give your plants and landscaping longer, less evaporation during soaking times.

Whatever time of day you decide to water your plants is up to you!  Just remember to water them- just like you hydrate yourself, hydrate your plants!

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