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What Is the Best Way to Start Seeds for a Garden?

Growing plants from seeds is an inexpensive and exciting way to grow herbs, annuals, and biennials. Starting seeds indoors using this method also allows you to grow plants that might otherwise be unavailable. Have you just ordered a bunch of seeds but are wondering about the best way to start seeds for a garden? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

What Is the Best Way to Start Seeds for a Garden?

How to Choose the Best Seeds

Starting seeds that grow into healthy plants that thrive in your garden begins with the process of picking the right seed starting mix. Look for high-quality seeds with an excellent germination rate, and make sure to take a peek at the germination date on the package as well. Only buy germinating seeds from reputable sellers.

It goes without saying that it’s essential to buy seeds that will thrive in your area — and that you need to keep an eye on the season during which they’ll grow, too. If you’re new to starting plants from seed, look for ones known to be resilient and easy to grow.

A Quick Guide to Starting Seeds for Your Garden

Starting plants for your garden indoors from seed is easy if you know how. We’ll walk you through the process:

1. Read The Instructions On The Seed Packet

You want your seedlings to be ready to be transplanted into the garden when the climate is just right. Read the instructions carefully to discover when to start growing them.

2. Pick Containers For Your Seeds

Most seeds grow best in shallow containers with small drainage holes at the bottom. Getting a seed starter kit is a great option, but disposable cups with holes poked in the bottom work, too.

3. Get Your Potting Soil Ready

Beginners are best off purchasing premium commercial potting soil that’s perfect for growing plants from seed. Moisten the soil before placing it in the container.

4. Plant The Seeds

Plant your seeds, paying close attention to the instructions on the seed packet. Both spacing and depth are important. Mist the seeds after you’re done.

Caring for Your New Seedlings

If you want strong, healthy, and beautiful plants, it’s essential to continue to care for your new seedlings carefully after you’ve planted the seeds. Place your seedlings in a location with plenty of sunlight (sunny window), and rotate the container they’re in often. Lightly mist the seedlings as needed, allowing the soil to grow a little dry before misting again — and give them the best start with regular doses of liquid fertilizer.

Once your seedlings start to grow up into healthy young plants and the temperature outside is just right, they are ready to be introduced to the outside world. Don’t just decide to transplant your little plants to the garden one day, though!

Start by allowing your seedlings to spend time in the garden while they’re still potted, choosing a protected spot away from the elements. Gradually build up the time your young plants are outdoors, and they should be ready to be transplanted into the garden in around one week.

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