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Clients often ask, “Is there something I should be doing this time of year for my landscaping?”.  The quick answer is YES!

Probably the easiest thing you can do as a homeowner, is to WATER!  Watering helps plants/flowers/trees survive the winter when there is no moisture present. To support plants as they prepare for the upcoming winter, please make sure that they get an adequate water supply PRIOR to the ground permanently freezing for the winter.  A quick and easy solution is to put your garden hose in your flower beds, around bushes and trees, and let it “trickle” for at least 10 minutes.  The trickle of water will allow it to totally soak up the needed moisture as the ground prepares for winter.  Most shrubs/flowers need 10-12″ of moisture around their root base.  Trees even more!

A good 30 minutes of trickle out your hose is needed for most trees.

The moisture level that you prepare now, will enhance and help “bloom” your landscaping next spring!  A little prep work will go a LONG ways!

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