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Winter Landscape Design Ideas in Omaha

Think of winter landscape design ideas in Omaha, and you probably imagine snowy wonderlands covered in pines and berries. If you live in Omaha, Nebraska, you can take advantage of a real continental climate and create a stunning Christmas paradise. Plants and trees form the backbone of your landscape, but you also want to add creative touches and seating areas to your outdoor space.

Winter Landscape Design Ideas in Omaha

Trees & Shrubs

Tall and dense trees act as wind and privacy barriers. Your winter garden will shine if you include evergreen trees and deciduous trees with attractive bark. Autumn blaze maple, eastern redbud, and cherry trees are great trees to consider adding to your landscaping.

Clove currents are gorgeous thornless shrubs native to the area. They’ll brighten your Omaha winter garden up with striking red berries and are easy to care for. Coral berries are another prime choice for your Omaha winder garden, as the berries last through the season. Cranberry bushes are striking and attract wild birds.

If you want to add evergreens to your Omaha landscape, Christmas holly and yew are sure to shine. Don’t forget to add perennials, some of which add character to your garden throughout winter, to your landscape. Wildflowers give your garden a natural appeal, especially if you incorporate layered tiers in your design.

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Consider Adding a Winter Seating Area to Your Garden

You may think you won’t spend much time in the garden in winter, but that doesn’t have to be true! Milder Omaha winters offer a wonderful opportunity for some winter fun. So why not create a comfortable seating area with a cozy fire pit at the center? There’s nothing like sipping hot chocolate and roasting marshmallows with your friends and family on a chilly evening.

Recycled woods with rich colors make for great garden bench materials. There are also many outdoor kitchen design options that allow you to use your outdoor space all year round.

Using Decorative Accents and Lights to Liven Up Your Omaha Garden


While a birdbath adds charm and enjoyment to your garden in summer, birdhouses are better in winter. Bird feeders can attract more wild birds, like chickadees and swallows. At a time when most plants are dormant, these feathered visitors keep your landscape interesting.

Garden Path

Pay attention to your garden paths, too. Paths add color and character to your garden. Gravel paths are an excellent option for gardeners who don’t want to slip and fall making their way around their landscaping in the winter. Wood chips are better if adding a feeling of warmth to your garden is important.


Don’t forget about landscape lighting! Lights can give you a festive feel during winter and ensure you can enjoy snowfall in all its glory.

Omaha Winter Landscaping Design Ideas: A Final Note

The best winter landscape ideas come to life if you work with, and not against, the climate you live in. Make the most of those winters by planting native trees and berry bushes that add color to your snowy garden.

Work with a local landscaping company to make your vision come to life. Landscaping professionals understand what landscaping options are best in the Omaha winter months better than anybody else.

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