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Your Ultimate Guide to Rock Garden Landscaping

Landscaping isn’t just about plants and where they go. Landscaping also incorporates rock gardens, which is one of the features that landscape designers use to make a garden space more visually appealing. Would you like to get into rock garden landscaping, and add a new focal point to your front yard or back yard? There are many ways to create a rock garden design that adds appeal to your outdoor space. Let’s explore!

Your Ultimate Guide to Rock Garden Landscaping

Take a look at this ultimate guide to rock garden landscaping, and how to make it work for you.

Choose Your Space

Everyone has a general idea of what they want their landscaping to look like, but it can be hard to get a real idea of what can be expected from the space until you have measured it. To get started, measure your space, and create a basic drawing of where you want certain things to be. From this rough sketch, you will be able to gather more concrete ideas over time.

It’s the measure-once-cut-twice of rock gardens. Knowing exactly what you are working with before starting on a new rock garden landscaping space will help you create a visually interesting area in your outdoor space you have always desired.

Responsible Rock Sourcing

The best rocks should be sourced responsibly, and legally. Rock gardens are a craft on their own, and there are many rock companies that can be dubbed more responsible for the environment than others.

Of course, don’t just find rocks and relocate them yourself. The majority of rock companies source responsibly, and there are legal and environmental implications that unfortunately many homeowners ignore.

Plan Properly

It takes some planning to execute a rock garden idea and decide where you’d like a centerpiece versus what’s surrounding it. Proper rock garden planning saves a lot of time, though many people think they can just get straight into creating the rock gardens.

Visual representations created with digital landscape design technology or pen and paper can aid the planning process. It’s much easier to plan and execute than it is to move heavy rocks around until you’re satisfied with the design.

Choosing Rock Garden Plants and Other Features

Rock gardens can oftentimes benefit from the various plants that flourish nestled in between small and large rocks. A rock garden can be the perfect opportunity for a gardener to introduce some new types of plants into their space. Combination features can also include lights and water features, which help to complement the rest of the space.

Rocks as a Habitat

Rocks can be a habitat for more than just plants. In most cases, rock gardens will attract insects that fit well within your backyard ecosystem. This is something to embrace if you’re a gardener who likes to see a healthy landscape.

Place with Care

Place all rocks with care. Doing so will limit how much you have to move the rocks at a later point. Considering where you want to place the rocks is important to highlight during the planning phase as it can have far-reaching implications if you plan to create a heavy rock garden.

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